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Pin Point Security has been offering security products and services for over 10 years. We operate all over South Africa. We guarantee you the best service and quality security products for your personal, home, office security needs.

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The shop might be small, but I always find what I need. The staff is really helpful and knowledgeable.

— Thinus Dippennar

I would like to commend Lindo and Dumi for their friendliness and professional service. They went the extra mile today. I bought a product approximately a year ago from Pinpoint. When I got home at the time, I discovered their was something missing in the box, which I assumed was the charger. I had to travel and left it. I did not go back and when I wanted to, we had lock-down! I went their today and told them what happened. At first they said they might not have it in stock, but then went to check. I had no slip and no proof, but they gave me a charger. Thank you guys, we need more people like you. Trust and honesty is what we need in this country and you did not hesitate to believe me! I will definitely support you again! Go safely and Thank you!

— Susan Kleijnhans